Monday, April 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad, And The Whiney

Once again, time passes and I find myself neglecting to update this thing for a few days. Well, let's see... There've been good things and bad things.

Good Things:

I went up to Albuquerque on Sunday and visited a couple of different friends and their families. Had some scrumptious Easter dinner, saw some people I hadn't seen in a very long time, and afterwards went to see V for Vendetta, which was pretty good.

New Doctor Who episode in the UK! And, yes, I got my hands on it, though it took a bit of doing this time. Kind of a dumb plot, but loads of fun anyway, and, man am I looking forward to the rest of season 2 (or 28, whichever).

I've been very productive lately. Got a whole bunch of stuff crossed off my to-do list this morning.

The Sopranos disks from Netflix that I thought were lost in the mail came today after all. Which means that I now have Sopranos episodes to tide me over until I get my next batch of Lost. Yay!

Bad things:

Meeting people I hadn't seen for years only serves to remind me of the fact that we're all getting older and some of us (aka "me") haven't actually done much of anything with our lives. Which leads to mild existential angst.

My wireless internet connection keeps flaking out on me. I had somebody out last week to adjust the antenna -- for which they're going to charge me at least forty bucks -- and it seemed much better, but it must not be secured properly or something, because every time the wind blows my connection starts doing the hokey pokey; it's in and out and all over the frelling place. Per Murphy's law, of course, it seems to reliably get windy whenever I have something important to do online, or am attempting to download a large file. (Ahem.)

Part of the reason I have so much time to be productive in is that I keep waking up too damned early. Which means I start craving a nap right about the time I have to be off to work. Sigh.

My new eyeglasses are still driving me crazy. I've had the frames adjusted like five times now, and there isn't anything obviously wrong with them, but no matter how I try to position them, they're either uncomfortable on my nose, or making the muscles in my eyes and face ache, or seem just plain undefinably wrong somehow. At this point I'm kind of hoping that if I keep 'em in the nose-comfy but face-achy spot the muscles'll eventually give up fighting it and I'll be OK. I can't figure out if I'm tensing up because I'm subconsciously afraid they'll slip down my nose or what.

And now I feel like I'm coming down with the tiniest beginnings of a scratchy throat, and I do not need to be sick. So, uh, wish my immune system luck, will ya?

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