Thursday, March 16, 2006

He's At That Certain Age...

It's hard to believe he's grown up this fast, but today my little baby became a man. Or, uh, was prevented from becoming one. Yes, that's right. I had little Vir-kitty neutered.

I just got him back from the vet, and he seems to be doing fine. He's got an unfortunate tendency to want to lick the area, but I think he's mostly concerned with putting his poor mussed-up fur back in order. Actually, he seems more unhappy with his current lack of food and water than with his lack of, well, anything else. (He's not supposed to have anything until tomorrow morning, except maybe for an ice cube in a couple of hours.) I caught him a minute ago drinking water out of a dirty coffee mug that was sitting in the sink. I suppose the fact that he was able to jump up onto the sink is a sign that he's doing OK, too, though it might just be that he's too hyped up on pain medication to realize that it ought to hurt.

I think the hard part now is going to be keeping Nova from trying to roughhouse with him for a few days.

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