Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Currently, on Maximum Verbosity...

Has it been a month already? I suppose it has, more or less. So it's time for this monthly meme, which, while some might find it tediously repetitious, inexplicably holds considerable fascination for me. Thus:

Current clothes: Jeans. Off-white t-shirt that says "sentenced to life on planet Earth." Blue short-sleeved denim shirt unbuttoned over it. Black belt. White tube socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: Good. Much better than I've felt in days, in fact. I've been unpleasantly mood-swingy lately, mainly due to the fact that I'm once again doing that thing where I'll wake up after four or five hours of sleep and I'll either get up and spend all day feeling brain-fried and cranky, or I'll get back to sleep, massively over-sleep, and spend all day feeling groggy and lethargic. Today I actually got a nice, appropriate amount of sleep and the world seems like a much more pleasant place.

Current music: They Might Be Giants' Dial-a-Song.

Current annoyance: Marie Callendar's makes this frozen sweet-and-sour chicken entree that I absolutely love. It's got this wonderful fresh-tasting sauce, with exactly the right amount of sweetness and tang, better than what the local Chinese restaurants have. The supermarket doesn't carry it often, so when they do I sometimes buy three or four boxes as a treat. It's the sort of thing I'm happy to break my I'm-going-to-eat-better resolutions over. Or at least, it was. Because they've gone and changed it on me. It used to have a separate packet of sauce you sat on top of the main meal tray to cook, and then you poured the sauce over the chicken before you ate it. Now it comes with the sauce already mixed in, doubtless in the name of increased ease and decreased messiness. (The sauce packet did tend to spill when you poured it.) Unfortunately, it now also tastes a lot less fresh and yummy and good. *sniff* Anytime I find a product I really like, they go and "improve" it on me until I don't like it any more.

Current thing: Due to aforementioned mood-swingy blahs, I haven't had a great deal of enthusiasm for much of anything lately. Hopefully this will change.

Current desktop picture: This picture of the Pleiades star cluster.

Current song in head: There doesn't seem to be one at the moment. Wow, that's surprising. It was all noisy in here earlier.

Current book: I've finished Finding Serenity (which I do recommend to Firefly fans) and am about to start The Little Country by Charles deLint.

Current video in player: Most recently, Cracker: To Be a Somebody, which someone lent me mainly because Christopher Eccleston is in it.

Current DVD in player: Disc 1 of season three of The West Wing. I just watched their post-9/11 episode, which I thought was handled very well.

Current refreshment: Water.

Current worry: Aaargh, I still have to do my taxes! I've always filed the EZ form, because I can and because I've kind of figured that whatever little I'd save by actually deducting stuff isn't worth the hassle to me of dealing with the longer form. But I own a house now, and I gather that can make a fairly large difference. So I have to fill out the 1040 form, and I'm afraid of it.

Current thought: Oh, wait, now I have "Dead" by They Might Be Giants in my head. But only faintly.

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