Friday, December 16, 2005

Out of the House

I just got an e-mail from Netflix saying they'd received disc 5 of House from me. "Wow," I said to myself. "That was fast! I only mailed it back yesterday." Then I got another one saying they'd also received disc 6. Which, um... is more than I ever did. Either they've made some kind of mistake, or the same thing happened to that disc that happened to the Babylon 5 one: the flap on the envelope with my address on it got ripped off, leaving Netflix's address showing instead, and it got sent back to them. Either way, grrr. I want my House, damn it! I've become hooked on this show to an almost frightening extent, given the fact that it's really not the sort of show I normally get hooked on. But they've already got the next couple of discs (from a different series entirely) marked as "shipping today" and won't let me change that to get them to send me House instead. Which means that I'm going to have to wait until my Babylon 5 replacement disc arrives, then wait until I've watched it, then wait until they get it, then wait until they send me my damned House, just to be able to see the last couple of episodes. And by that point, my mother and grandmother will be here for the holiday, and there's no way in hell they're going to let me watch anything without wanting to talk over it. *sniff*

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