Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Happiness and Happy Merriment!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Good Random Sunday in December to all of you! As mentioned before, my mother and grandmother were out visiting for a few days, during which time they insisted on stuffing me absolutely full of food (and left more behind them when they left, just in case they hadn't succeeded in fattening me up enough). Today was actually Leftover Day, as we did the big holiday meal yesterday. And then opened all the presents last night. (See, what did I tell you? When I was a kid, I was forbidden to even touch my presents before Christmas morning, but now that we're all older, it's all, "What the heck. Prezzies now!") They were originally going to leave tomorrow, but decided to head out today instead to avoid the traffic. Not a bad idea at all, in my opinion, as they had a very long drive ahead of them, and my mother has to be back at work on Wednesday morning. It leaves me with a little more time off to myself than I was expecting, but, hey, I'll totally take it. I'm certainly not going back in to work early!

Anyway, it was a nice, if decidedly low-key Christmas. And I got prezzies!:

- Three books: Finding Serenity, Strange New Worlds III and The Fabric of Reality.

- Serenity on DVD, from the Mystery Blogger, as previously squealed over.

- A reservoir attachment thingy for my cat drinking fountain, to provide them with larger quantities of water (which should be useful if I'm gone over a weekend).

- A set of plastic food containers in a spinning organizer thingy.

- A needlepoint picture my mother made featuring a kitten who looks just like Vir.

- A nice tin full of potato chips of an especially yummy variety which cannot be found here, far from my native homeland of South Jersey.

- Various kinds of candy and other yummies.

- A calendar of kitty-cat cartoons.

- Kitty-cat Pajamas.

- A candle-holder and candle. (Also featuring kitty-cats. There was something of a theme this year.)

- A little snowman doll thingy.

- A set of notepads and pencils and such, in a cool "sun, moon & stars" pattern.

- Assorted bath products.

And I have the dreadful feeling that I'm forgetting something, but that certainly seems like more than enough!

I'd also list the things I gave people, because, somewhat surprisingly, it really isn't All About Me, but not all of them have been received yet, so I won't.

Oh, and the BBC plus the internet gave me the coolest gift of all: A new episode of Doctor Who! And now it's only two more months until the DVD boxed set comes out in the US...

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