Monday, December 05, 2005

And What Did I Get All Those House, MD Discs for Last Week, If Watching Medical Shows Doesn't Keep You Healthy?

I woke up this morning feeling so chilly that I thought the pilot on the heater must've gone out again. (Well, it did the night before last.) But, no, it wasn't the heater. It was me. And, upon discovering that I also had a sneezy, runny, itchy nose, and that, despite having attained a more-or-less adequate amount of sleep, I felt a desperate desire to curl back up in bed and never move again, I realized why.

Gosh, I have a cold. Yay.

Decongestants have helped quite a bit with the nose, but I still feel like one big, inert, vaguely-achy lump of unwellness. Which is why I'm lying on the couch drinking lemon tea and watching cheesy 80's sci-fi instead of going to work today.


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