Monday, April 06, 2015

I Got Nothing Else Today, So Let's Do This Now.

Current clothes: Blue jeans. A Doctor Who t-shirt. Brown leather boots that have definitely seen better days and are reminding me that I need to go and buy some new shoes soon.

Current mood: Mostly OK, I guess, although if I'm honest, I have been kinda grumpy and insecure lately, overall.

Current music: Nothing at the moment, really. But I'm thinking of buying a pair of portable speakers for my iPod, so I can have it wake me up in the morning with random music.

Current annoyance: Having to schedule things that involve other people. Because then not only do I have to work around my own (frequently insane) schedule, I also have to work around theirs. Even more annoying: when they then don't show up.

Current thing: I, um, may have been accidentally buying entirely too many books again. But... But books are my refuge when I am feeling grumpy and insecure! And buying them and surrounding myself with them may actually be even more soothing than reading them. (Is this working as an excuse, or just making me sound really, really pathetic?)

Current desktop picture: It's still Uncle Iroh, although, much as I love him, I think it really is time to replace him now.

Current book: The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. It's a giant brick of a fantasy novel -- part two in a series of giant fantasy bricks -- but it's a surprisingly quick and pleasant read.

Current song in head: Something the dancing demon sang in the musical Buffy episode, because it randomly came up on my iPod a couple of days ago.

Current refreshment: Nothing. I must have refreshment! Actually, I must figure out what I want to do for dinner...

Current DVD in player: Disc 3 of season 3 of Dexter. Which is a weirdly additive show, and which makes me think all kinds of pretentious, half-formed thoughts about narrative and POV and the seductive but problematic concept of vigilante justice, and stuff. Although I'm also wondering whether it's a premise that's actually capable of supporting a full eight seasons, and whether it might actually have peaked in season two. But I intend to keep watching it to find out.

Current worry: Nothing specific, honestly. Which I guess is actually kind of nice, only having vague, general things to worry about.

Current thought:


  1. In answer to your question: no, Dexter was not a premise capable of supporting 8 seasons. I bailed at the top of Season 6 and have not heard good things about where it went from there. It was a lot of fun in the early going, enough that you could overlook its silliness and flaws -- and the thinness of the supporting players -- but it took a serious dive. That said, you still have Season 4 ahead of you, which is probably the show at its very best, thanks in large part to some great guest casting.

    1. I gather absolutely nobody liked the series finale, which makes me perversely curious to see it. (But no spoilers, please!)

      Talking about overlooking the silliness and flaws, I was actually rather impressed by how much I enjoyed season 1, even though I was able to predict every single giant plot twist well in advance. And Michael C. Hall is good enough that he can sell a lot of things that seem like they should be incredibly iffy, at best. (Like, y'know, the entire premise of the series.)

      Anyway, season 4 sounds worth looking forward to. And I guess I'll see from there...