Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Shot In The Foot

Today's fun activity: another visit to my podiatrist, since the orthotics, while they've helped, haven't done away with the foot pain nearly as much as I was hoping. So this time, I got a shot of cortisone in the foot. My toes still feel kind of numb. Hopefully that's normal.

Then, of course, to reward myself for having braved the giant scary needle, I went to Page One and bought entirely too many books. As one does.

Interesting side note: my new phone took it upon itself to remind me not just of my appointment, but of exactly when I'd have to leave to make the appointment. Which is especially interesting, as I didn't tell it I had an appointment. It must have read my e-mail. Once again, I cannot decide whether this technology is awesome or creepy. But either way, I have clearly become a science fiction character.


  1. Had you entered the appointment in your calendar, by any chance? I'd be surprised -- though perhaps not *too* surprised -- if your phone had gotten the information straight from your e-mail.

    1. I hadn't. I thought I might have accidentally, because the e-mail had a link to add it, but it's not showing up there. So, yeah... Weird.

    2. I got very curious and went looking for an explanation, and, apparently getting the info from my e-mail is precisely what it did: According to this website:

      One of the major updates is to how well Gmail syncs with your calendar. Gmail will now automatically input calendar appointments into your diary based on emails you’ve received. So you if buy concert tickets or receive an e-boarding pass, Gmail will scan that info and make a calendar appointment.

      And I still cannot decide if that's awesome or creepy.

    3. Now that you mention it, I remember using Google Maps on my phone recently to look up directions to the airport, and being surprised that my flight number and departure time were there on the map, pinned to the airport. I believe Google Maps got that from the itinerary that had been e-mailed to my Gmail account.

    4. Google really does know everything about you...