Friday, October 24, 2014

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Geez, at some point, this blog seemed to turn into a place for me to complain about things. Mostly my medical problems. Gaaah! What has happened to me?

Well, I thought, you know, I should offset all this whining with some positivity. So, some good things today:

1) October is a beautiful month here, and today is a great example of that. The temperature is just perfect this morning, touched with a bit of fall crispness without being too chilly, and the sky is that perfect, flawless, intense shade of blue that you have to just keep staring at, because if you look away, you'll stop believing it exists. Twenty-five years in New Mexico, and I still have not gotten over that sky.

2) Speaking of October, yay for seasonal treats! I have caramel apples and Boo Berry cereal. Yum!

3) I stopped at Page One, Albuquerque's awesome indie bookstore, yesterday, and picked up a couple of books I'm really, really looking forward to reading. I now have so many great-looking books awaiting me. So many.

4) I am off work today! Admittedly, I have a lot of crap to do (which this blog post is maybe helping me procrastinate on), but at least it's my crap and not my employer's.

5) Also, it is payday! Yay, I can pay my bills! And maybe I'll finally spring for that Leonard Cohen album. Cohen always cheers me up. Strangely enough.


  1. Normally, I wait until after Halloween, to pick up Boo Berry at half price, but what if they sell out before then?! So, I bought one box, just in case. (I wonder if I'll spend more on Boo Berry or on leftover candy on Nov. 1.)

    1. Yes, don't want to risk running out of Boo Berry!

    2. Dagnabbit! Now I want to take some apples, dip them in melted marshmallows, and roll them in Boo Berry.

    3. I cannot decide whether that would be amazing or disgusting.