Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Day

My day:

Woke up after six hours of sleep, feeling grumpy.

Got an e-mail from the roofers, who had told me they would let me know when they could schedule my roof work. They want to do it on a weekend when I'm working 12-hour night shifts, and nobody is available to cover for me. E-mailed them back, but did not hear back on whether they could reschedule.

Had coffee and a shower, tried to feel less grumpy. This was not helped by the fact that there were five small children standing in the middle of the street just outside my house having a screaming contest. As far as I could tell, all of them were winning.

Realized there was practically no food in the house. Went out for some tacos. Tacos make me feel better. Also, it would get me away from the screaming children.

On the way back from the tacos, which did make me feel better briefly, the neighbor's dog -- an annoying, vile mutt they let run all over the damn neighborhood -- ran up and bit me.

I want to do today over.


  1. Ok... like I was wanted to laugh..I did... . but the dog biting you is probably not funny. I would totally report them. I don't know what you local laws are regarding unleashed animals but I'm sure they have them. I have no tolerance for this type of thing any more. Also I really want to know.. how were the tacos?

    I will now proceed with eating my lunch.. :)

    1. Well, I did end up calling the cops. I'm waiting for them to show up now. It's a whole, long, annoying story. I may write it up on the blog later. The short version is I haven't been able to get any proof the thing's been vaccinated, and apparently the law says the dog has to be quarantined. We'll see what happens.

      But the tacos were very good. In fact, some out-of-towner stopped me on my way home and asked me directions to the restaurant I'd just come from, because he said he'd been told it had the best Mexican food in town.

  2. man... I can't edit my typo :( "like I was wanting to laugh"

  3. It is the best Mexican restaurant in town. (Did you have leftovers this time?)

    1. Actually, the tacos were at the El Camino. I thought about telling the guy to go to the Hat instead, but the El also has really good tacos. And somehow I never have leftovers there.