Friday, January 25, 2013

Life Is Hard When You're A Crazy Cat Lady.

Today's fun activity: taking the cats to the vet! Aargh. Vir now weighs 29 pounds, which is just freaking ridiculous. No doubt part of the problem is that while I was away on vacation he had the opportunity to eat too much and to steal Nova's regular cat food on top of his diet stuff. Which means that, much as the possibility pains me, I think next time I leave -- which will be in June -- I'm going to have to board him as well as Happiness. Except that he's at high risk for a condition whose name I forget, but which basically amounts to: "cat gets stressed and stops eating for a day or two, cat's body freaks out about the lack of food, and cat's liver goes into lethal shutdown." So I'll actually have to put him in the kennel a couple of days early and check with them to make sure he's eating before I leave. Joy. Oh, and I also need to bring him back in for a glucose test, but I have to do that sometime when he hasn't been eating. Hopefully, he still doesn't have diabetes.

Happiness' blood thyroid levels were great, which should be awesome news, except that they tested it when she was about due for her daily pill but hadn't had it yet, and under those circumstances they'd have expected it to be higher. The vet is a bit confused by that. And worried, because her heart rate is very high, which is a symptom. Although her weight is holding steady, which is good. Basically, who the hell knows? The vet is going to cogitate on it some more and get back to me.

Nova, meanwhile, needs a dental cleaning and might or might not have a bit of a gum infection. But at least he's the right weight.

And while the cats are getting all this awesome medical care, here I am putting off going to the eye doctor because I don't want to spend money on new glasses. Sigh.

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