Monday, January 21, 2013

Home, Florida, Blog

I have made it home in one piece! The house did not fall down, and the cats are alive, so that's all good. (Well, two thirds of the cats are verifiably alive. I have to go and pick Happiness up at the kennel soon. But I'm pretty sure if she weren't still alive, they would have called me.)

Despite a good night's sleep in my own bed, I am still tired from traveling, not to mention backed up on all those things that inevitably seem to pile up when you're away, so here's just a few additional comments on my trip:

  • Florida does have quite a lot of wildlife, even if you're not traipsing through the swamp. I saw several alligators, and caught a brief glimpse of a manatee. (I was able to get a better look at some later in an aquarium.) Also lots and lots of birds, including ibis and ospreys. And a giant eagles' nest on the grounds of Kennedy Space Center.

  • When the temperature drops below 70 degrees, people start complaining that they're cold. Even people who used to live in New Jersey. This amuses me immensely.

  • I was able to correct a 31-year-old disappointment this weekend! My family went to Disney World when I was ten -- my only previous visit to Florida -- but Epcot was still under construction at the time, so I missed out on it. Of course, geeky little kid that I was, I thought Epcot sounded like the best part of the park, and felt rather cheated. Well, it may have taken me three decades, but I finally made it! Needless to say, I probably would have enjoyed it more when I was ten, but it made me happy, regardless.

    And I know I promised pictures. They will come later. I haven't even had the chance to sort through them yet.

    On a different note: My dad complained that he can't ever seem to be able to prove to Blogger that he's human, so for the moment, I've disabled the CAPTCHA for comments here. Since Blogger now has some spam filtering, leaving it off might just be tolerable, but if things get too bad, I reserve the right to reactivate it. So enjoy it while you can, commenters!

    1. You have inspired me to take my family to the space center. great blog by the way.

    2. Edward, Kennedy Space Center is well worth the trip
      Betty, I am glad the cats are OK. Loved having you here.

      1. It was fun being there! And thank you guys again for putting me up, and for putting up with me. :)

    3. Betty, I hope the spam filtering works. I like to comment on your posts.

    4. But I'm pretty sure if she weren't still alive, they would have called me.
      Or they could do like that old joke and start off with, "Happiness is up on the roof." :)