Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2012 is an interesting year to look back on, for me:

I finally got little Newt all healthy and got her settled in Oregon with my sister, and for once I am not starting the year with another kitten on my hands. Hooray for feral spaying!

After years of putting it all off, I bought a new car, a new TV, and a better internet connection. Which has also meant buying myself some new debt, but I am very, very happy with all of them.

Much less happy-making was the triple-whammy bout of illness I had around September/October, but, looking on the bright side, if the worst health problem you have in any given year is a month or so of respiratory infections, you're really not doing too badly.

I remember making some kind of resolution at the beginning of the year. Something about eating healthier and buying fewer books. I vaguely remember typing the phrase "continence is my watchword." Um... yeah. Both my weight and my pile of unread books are higher now than they've ever been, because I went absolutely nuts with the book-buying, and I seem have been living mostly on doughnuts and cheeseburgers. I really do hope to do better this year, but I will make no resolutions and employ no stupid catchphrases. I'll just actually, you know, try to do better.

Anyway. New cars and kittens and stacks of books and bronchitis aside, I think I've actually had a much more sedate year than just about anybody I know. For so much of the world, 2012 seems to have been just insane, sometimes in pretty horrible ways. So for all the rest of you out there, my wish for you is that if 2013 is interesting for you, it is not in the Chinese curse sense, and that when you come to look back on it at the start of 2014, you feel satisfied and happy.

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