Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Sick And The Dead

Alas, the battle is not going well. The enemy forces have been far too opportunistic and cunning. First, the armies of Common Cold began massing against me, without my knowledge. Then I invited a traitor through my gates: Dead Flu Virus, who I thought would be my ally, but who instead served as a distraction at the critical moment while the troops of Common Cold made their assault. While I was still beating back the forces of Cold, reinforcements arrived for them in the form of Bronchitis. And while Bronchitis waged its war of attrition on me, a new threat arose: laryngitis. Although, in the heat of the battle, it's not at all clear whether that particular damage was done by foreign invaders, or by my own attempts to fight the Bronchitis forces. (Meaning I'm not sure if my vocal chords are actually infected, or if I've just coughed myself hoarse.)

The battle rages on, but the damage has been significant, and in the immortal words of Montgomery Scott, "She cannae take much more!" Because my job does sometimes involve talking on the phone, and if my voice gets any worse than this, I'm in trouble. Also, my poor immune system trooopers have a distinct lack of medical support. I was going to go to the doctor today, but apparently when the website lists the hours as "8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday" and then on the next line: "Saturday (Walk-in care. No appointment needed)", that actually means "We will be closed at 1 PM on a Saturday." Not that I expect a doctor to be all that much help, anyway. Whenever I go in with bronchitis, they usually just give me some antibiotics, in the forlorn hope that there might be some bacteria involved somewhere. Waste of antibiotics, if you ask me, but, hey, am I a doctor? I was holding out a vague hope, though, that maybe they'd at least give me some nice narcotic cough syrup or something. Ah, well. If it's not better Monday, I'll try again then. Even though I should be sleeping most of the day on Monday.

In completely different news, but in keeping with the violent battle theme we've got going here, I've been playing the Walking Dead video game, since Steam had it on sale for Halloween. Mostly, I have been attempting to demonstrate that one can survive a zombie apocalypse without turning into a giant ass, contrary to the attitude of certain characters I could name. So far, I've managed to let two people get eaten alive, and a jerk whose life I probably saved punched me in the face. Good times!


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    1. Thanks! I did go to the doctor, who, as predicted, was not incredibly helpful. I think the cough might be improving slowly, at least. Maybe. But my voice still sounds really stupid.