Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apparently, Cats Should Only Watch PG-Rated Films.

I think the cats are having a certain amount of trouble dealing with the new TV. It sometimes seems to seriously freak Nova out. Not that Nova isn't easily freaked out at the best of times, but, dude, a couple of weeks ago, he ran away from the swooping eagle in the Colbert Report credits. And today I was watching Cabin in the Woods -- which just gets awesomer with repeat viewings, by the way -- and at one point he was staring utterly raptly at the TV. Cool, I think. Cat appreciates a good movie! Then, suddenly, with a little sting of music, a monster attacks from out of nowhere... and Nova starts violently, runs halfway down the hall, and peers nervously back at the TV with his eyes wide and his ears partway back. I actually felt kind of guilty, like a parent failing to wait until the kids are in bed to put the scary movie on. And yet, it was hilarious.

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