Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Humble Appreciation With Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

You know, the idea of "giving thanks," when you phrase it that way, has always been a little problematic for me, non-theist that I am, since thanks imply some sort of thankee. But, as well as really lovin' the whole turkey thing, I've always felt that a regular reminder to take a moment and humbly appreciate the things that you have is an excellent practice. I have quite a lot of things to be humbly appreciative of, but first on the list at the moment is that fact that I'm finally starting to sound like myself again, at least to my own ears. Mostly. Better still, there's some pep in my step again. Yay! Now, if no more stupid germs attack me like that between now and next Thanksgiving, I'll be really grateful. Or appreciative. Or whatever.

Anyway, I hope everybody out there is doing at least as well as I am at this point, and that if you're celebrating Thanksgiving today, you thoroughly enjoy it. Me, I'm heading up to Albuquerque in a little while to spend it with some friends. (See you soon, Captain C!)


  1. And I'm thankful for longtime (note: not "old") friends willing to join in a feast.

    1. We might be getting a little old... Naaaaah. :)