Sunday, October 09, 2011

Car Update

The battery terminals were, in fact, so corroded that I couldn't get the clamps off without damaging them... a fact I realized only after I got them off. Oops. Looks like I will definitely be having this thing towed in to the mechanic for new battery cables. At some point.

Well, at least I managed not to spray myself with battery acid. Given my general levels of mechanical ineptitude, I'm counting that as a win.


  1. Well done on the not getting sprayed. :-) Anything that involves both electricity and acid is something I try to keep away from. I occasionally have to give other people jump starts; I'm happy to supply the car and the cables, but actually doing it is up to them!

    I hope it won't be too much hassle to get it sorted out...

  2. I don't think what I was doing is really all that dangerous if you follow the directions and are careful. But you can believe I was wearing the gloves and the goggles. :)