Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I just watched last week's episode of Mythbusters, which featured something very much like the following exchange:

"There's just one problem, though. You're not allowed to fire an RPG in California."

"That's OK! I know where we can go!"

And cut to... here.

Socorro is such an interesting place to live. There was another big, window-rattling explosion the other day, and now every time that happens, I wonder whether it means those guys are in town again. Sadly, however, I have yet to run into them at the local diner.


  1. Is it wrong that my first thought was, "Fire a role-playing game...?"

  2. No, it is not. The narrator felt the need to clarify that on the show, too. They do know their audience. :)

  3. For those of us ignorant in all things, what is an RPG?

  4. Rocket Propelled Grenade. Which I know, actually, only because of the other kind of RPG, mentioned by Fred above. :)

  5. Thanks to both of you. :) Now let's see if I can remember both definitions. After all, I still think that a PDA is a "public display of affection".