Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stupid Real Life.

Bah! I do not want to go in to work. This will be my 7th day -- excuse me, seventh night -- in a row, the end of what is effectively a 64-hour work week. Have I mentioned that my current schedule kind of sucks? I also do not want to deal with any more stressed out cats. What I want to do is to lie on the sofa and marathon episodes of Supernatural until my brain explodes. Possibly while eating ice cream.

Oh, well. Maybe that can be my plan for tomorrow.


  1. I recently gave Supernatural another chance, taking an AV Club writer's advice to skip most of the first season. (It's advice that served me well with Fringe.) I'm currently enjoying the heck out of Season 5.

  2. Good advice on the AV Club's part. Well, I'm too much of a completist, personally, to ever be entirely comfortable with telling people to skip things, but even I can't deny that most of the first season is pretty darned skippable. If it hadn't gotten considerably more interesting right at the end, I probably would not have bothered coming back for season 2.

    But I am also currently enjoying the heck out of season 5. It's funny, because, objectively, I have to admit that the series is really quite flawed. If nothing else, I'm frequently left wondering if the writers have ever heard of a little thing called subtlety. And yet, I kind of don't care. I'm eating it up like candy, anyway. I'm now three episodes from the end, and unhappy about the idea that I'm about to run out.

    I never did manage to make it past the pilot episode of Fringe, though. I still can't quite seem to get myself motivated to give it another shot.

  3. Oh, Supernatural is often quite flawed, but it's incredibly entertaining, especially as it grows increasingly self-referential and weird. As an example, last night I just watched the episode where Sam and Dean get stuck inside television. Subtle it's often not, but great fun.

    And I definitely think you should give Fringe another shot. I can't think of another show in recent memory that's had such a turn-around in quality between seasons. (Torchwood maybe comes close.)

    I didn't care for the pilot either, and despite people telling me it got better, I found it a real slog every time I tried coming back to it. Then I read io9's primer on the episodes you need to watch, and that was the real turning point.

    The first season is almost universally lousy, or at least no better than the pilot, but it starts to change in interesting ways in the second. By "Peter," it's actually one of, if not the best science fiction shows out there right now.

    It's gone from a show I actively disliked to one of my favorite. Nobody was more surprised by that than me.

  4. Oh, though it should be said:

    a) they're still doing that annoying thing with location titles;

    and b) that primer does contain some spoilers.

  5. It is definitely one of those shows that's willing to cut loose from time to time and do fun, goofy, self-referential things, often of the "And what were the writers smoking this week?" kind. It's not, I have to say, quite as brilliant at it as certain other shows I could name, but it is often highly entertaining. And so I forgive it much. Plus, I forgive it even more this season for the frequent presence of a certain guest character with whom I am increasingly smitten. To use an amusingly appropriate verb. :)

    And Fringe improves more than Torchwood?! I'm not sure that's entirely possible. Maybe I should give it another chance, but I would feel compelled to work through the first season anyway. (Like I say, completist.) I wonder if I can muster up the enthusiasm.

  6. I, too, am usually a completist, but it can really work against you here. Think of it, perhaps, like old-school Doctor Who. The best place for a new viewer to start maybe isn't the William Hartnell era.

    (Speaking of which, and at the risk of raising your ire, I've been watching some Colin Baker episodes recently -- the second and third ones -- and really enjoying them.)

  7. Oh, well, I've always regarded Doctor Who as a special case. :)

    And, hey, no ire here! CB's episodes weren't all dire. But, man, the bad ones were really bad. You want TV-watching advice? Continue to skip "The Twin Dilemma."