Saturday, January 01, 2011

Partial Progress

So, Happiness and Nova are now at the stage where they seem perfectly capable of ignoring the fact that, hey, there's a kitten over there! when in the presence of lots of petting and artificial dairy products, respectively. Vir, meanwhile, is moping around the house in a royally pissy mood, and saying things like, "You've been touching a kitten! I can smell it on you! DON'T TOUCH ME!" in what really might just as well be English.

Sigh. He can't keep it up forever, can he? Because, OK, it's one thing if they don't get along. They won't be the first cats in this household to feel that way. But Vir is perfectly capable of lashing out quite badly if something really sets him off, and the possibility of him hurting the kitten is really not acceptable.

Yeah, yeah. Taking it very, very slowly...


  1. This is only temporary, right? Mickey is going to be adopted, right?

  2. Um, well, the person who expressed an interest sort of changed his mind and adopted a couple of shelter cats instead, so... I kind of think I'm stuck with him. :)

  3. Yeah another grandcat. That makes ten now. Great!

  4. Sigh. Crazy cat lady, here I come!