Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enough About Cats. Have Some Random Links.

Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody: OK, it's mostly just random Star Wars scenes with the Doctor inserted into them without any particular rhyme or reason, but it's nicely done, with some amusing bits.

6 awesomely geeky sci-fi snowmen: This is about as geeky as snow gets.

And, finally, two musical sentiments I can get behind: Never interrupt me me when I'm Reading a Book. Also, Call Me During Doctor Who and I'll Kill You!


  1. All were very nice, but "...Reading a Book" was yet another reminder that I should not read your blog during breakfast. (Oh well, at least I'll be laughing as I choke to death.) That sounds like a serious song, i.e. not quite novelty enough to make it on Doctor Demento. I truly liked it, though. (And now I know what I look like when someone interrupts me when I'm reading.)

  2. Hee! Sorry I endangered your airway!

    And the fact that it sounds so serious is part of what makes it hilarious, I think.

  3. Then you'll also find it amusing that the song is still stuck in my head 24 hours later.

  4. Amusing, but not surprising, as it was stuck in my head for a few hours, too.