Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update on Things You Probably Don't Care About

I now have a new permanent crown on my chipped tooth. It feels weird, and I'm not entirely sure it fits my mouth properly, but I'm going to give myself a while to try to get used to it before I go crying back to my dentist.

Also, my swamp cooler is now working again, yay! Turns out the problem was just a clogged-up water line. It took the guy five minutes to fix it, once I finally called them up and got somebody out here, and he didn't even charge me. I feel dumb not getting it looked at sooner, but I was afraid it might be a lot more involved than that to fix, and it's difficult to arrange repair visits and stuff with my ridiculous schedule.

Speaking of which, my sleeping patterns have been even more messed up than usual this week, and it has been making me very unhappy, but I think I might have finally Morning Person-ified myself now. Time to do all the stuff I didn't do on Monday and Tuesday because I was too exhausted.


  1. He didn't charge you? Can you teach me how to do that?

  2. Be a really good repeat customer? :)