Saturday, July 03, 2010

Even Geekier Than Usual Random Links

Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit): It is frighteningly easy to imagine that this is a cut scene from the Hitchhiker's TV show.

Four labels from the Bruce Campbell's Soup Company: Mmmm-mmmm, cream of darkness!

How LOST Should Have Ended: LAPIDUS! (Note: contains spoilers for how Lost actually did end. Sort of.)

Futurama's New York City Takes Lego Form: New New York, recreated in loving detail with Lego.

'I Have Never Watched an Episode Of Doctor Who In My Life': The Rap Song: I was going to say that I'm sure there are people around me who feel like this, except that I can't actually think of any. I believe we may have converted them all.


  1. Heck, we even got my mom to watch an episode.

  2. And that is truly remarkable. :)