Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodbye Garbage

Hey, they did finally pick up my garbage! Yay! Exactly one week later, even, so it looks like they did just skip us -- me and my neighbors across the street, at the very least -- last week. Nice to know that my life can go back to its reassuring weekly rhythm now.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. This is what you get these days. Posts about my gray hairs and my garbage. I'll, uh, try to be more interesting later. Really.)


  1. I would check to see if they have gone to every other week to save money. Some places have had to do that

  2. If they have, I haven't heard anything about it, and think I probably would have. Then again, I am often very good at somehow missing key scraps of information.

    Given the general competence level of, y'know, Socorro, though, I find it very easy to believe we just got missed.

  3. Speaking of municipal levels of (in)competence, I noticed a misspelled street sign last night -- unless, of course, the street's name really is "Sweetbrair".

  4. In which case it's a misspelled street? :)