Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cat Food Diet

So, I went to the vet today to pick up some more of Vir's expensive super-low-cal prescription-only diet cat food, and remarked to the receptionist that I thought maybe he was losing some weight, but I hadn't checked in a while, for fear of disappointment. I figured I really ought to, though, so I just hauled out the pet scale. The result, if the read-out can be believed: 22 pounds and change! That's down from a ridiculous high of 28 pounds plus. Man, that almost makes it worth listening to him complain that I'm not feeding him enough all the damned time! I'm thinking maybe I should get me some of that cat food...


  1. Tell me where I can get some of that food. Not that I need it or anything.

  2. No! The day you start eating cat food is the day I ride into Socorro on my white horse and rescue you. (Come to think of it, you ought to be rescued from Socorro, anyway.)

    And in a completely weird coincidence, my word verification is "suppers".

  3. I dunno, it's dry cat food. It's not completely unappealing. ;)

    And the word verification thingy is often amusing like that.