Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trailers Galore!

Here's yet another Doctor Who season 5 trailer, this one from BBC America.

Now I'm really starting to get psyched.


  1. More goodness - thank you! Though you do have to wonder, why the two-week delay in airing it in the US...

  2. Thanks! (before I start sounding negative)

    It will take me a while before I start accepting this even younger and vampirelike Doctor. Maybe if I think of him as just some pasty English guy... (Um, I mean pale, not a meat pie, nor something to cover small bits of a woman's anatomy. I might mean "pastey", but that doesn't look right.)

    Out of necessity, the trailers show bits from the past (since I presume they haven't filmed/taped/digitized/whatever the entire new series yet, but I wonder if BBC is doing that simply to fill time and space, or if they're hinting that all the baddies (even the evil statues) will be back, as if we couldn't guess.

    Another young girl marveling at being in another place and time. I got over that with Rose. Let's have a more mature companion who is capable of accepting such wonders (like Betty, maybe?).

  3. Paul: I think that's actually a remarkably short time, compared to how long it usually takes us to get British shows here.

    Captain C: It's normal to have trouble accepting a new Doctor for a while. Eventually, you get used to it, though. Well, except for the people who don't. There are probably still fans who are convinced the show went to hell the day William Hartnell left. :)

    And I don't know how much of the new season they've recorded yet, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "a lot." So what's in the trailer should be new stuff, even if it uses familiar baddies. I believe Moffat has pretty much confirmed that the Weeping Angels will be back.

    Also, yes, "pasty" is the correct spelling. :)

    As for this:

    Let's have a more mature companion who is capable of accepting such wonders (like Betty, maybe?).

    Are you kidding? I'd be freaking out all over the place. :)

  4. Of course, you have been a companion, if only on the Web in an addventure or two. :)

    I was just about to make the point about the long delay we usually have to endure here in the UK before getting US shows, but you got in first. (With the honourable exception of "Flashforward", where the delay has been less than a week. Maybe that's because about half the show's actors seem to be British. :)

  5. I don't think any trailers will compare with the season one "so you want to come with me?" ones with Eccleston.

    I'm just excited the new guy dresses like a scientist :)