Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Currently, On Maximum Verbosity...

Current clothes: Black t-shirt from Mount St. Helens National Monument. Gray plaid flannel shirt over that. Blue jeans. White socks. Black sneakers.

Current mood: OK. A bit subdued and lazy in that "just want to lie on the sofa and read all day" kind of way. I've been sort of fighting against that this week, but today it might be winning.

Current music: Most recently, Transverse City by Warren Zevon, which has been holding its own as my Number One Heavy Rotation Album for a while now.

Current annoyance: I still have big old holes in my mouth. Although they are starting to fill in. At least, the lower left one clearly is. The lower right is less obviously healing, possibly because it's larger and deeper, possibly in part because it's easier to get food stuck in that one and harder to keep from poking it with my tongue. And it's difficult to tell how the top ones are doing, because even with a mirror and a flashlight they're hard to see. I do think they're all coming along, though for the moment I'm still experiencing every meal twice. Once when I eat it, and then again when I wash it out of the holes in my gums. Fun!

Current thing: I have perhaps been on a bigger-than-usual Doctor Who kick lately, what with the convention and all.

Current desktop picture: I finally got tired of looking at the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, and have replaced them with the space shuttle Endeavour.

Current book: Different Seasons by Stephen King. This was a Christmas present from last year. I got a lot of books last Christmas, especially if you count the ones I bought for myself. I'm hoping to read them all sometime before next Christmas.

Current song in head: "K9's Lament" by Chameleon Circuit. It's about the robot dog from Doctor Who, and has pretty much the exact same effect on me as this xkcd cartoon. Stupid robot angst! It isn't like that at all! Stop making me sad!

Current DVD in player: Disc 1 of season 3 of Third Rock from the Sun. Yay, I can watch DVDs on the treadmill again! And John Lithgow is still hilarious. Also, most recently in the other player was a Farscape season 3 disc; I was re-watching "Green-Eyed Monster." I love S3 of Farscape. It never gets old. Oh, and I've also finally started rewatching season 1 of Deep Space 9. I mean, I went out and bought the whole series, so I really ought to.

Current refreshment: Mango-passion fruit tea. Mmm!

Current worry: I am much less worried about things than I was this time last month.

Current thought: All right, who else besides Dad still needs to see the Doctor Who specials and has a birthday coming up that I might conceivably shop for? Captain C?


  1. Ummm....Hello your .. sister has a birthday.. this month! Except... I already downloaded them using torrents. I was even able to watch on my big screen with decent qualify.

  2. Yes, I figured you had already seen them. And I know you have a birthday coming up. In fact, I just got you a, um, somewhat related B-Day present, so be on the lookout for a package between now and then. :)

  3. Chameleon Circuit seemed like a novelty band when I first heard them, and maybe they still are, but they're a really good novelty band. Lots of in-jokes, but also pretty accessible and rocking for the non-fan.

    And I re-watched DS9 a couple of years ago. It's not always perfect, and I think maybe that first season isn't its strongest, but it holds up remarkably well. Still probably my favorite of the Treks.

  4. The first season of DS9 just shows that they had no idea what this show should be. Until 'Duet'. This is SF TV at its best. Before it, there's alien telepathic devices and Q visits and planets of nano-powered undead. After, it's Winn trying to assassinate Bareil and civil war on Bajor and so on. The difference is just stunning.

    (Although I have to say that many loose threads from the first season were used with some success in Book Relaunch.)

  5. Fred: Thanks for putting me on to Chameleon Circuit, by the way, because I'd never even heard of them until you mentioned them. And here I'm supposed to be the knowledgeable old Who fan here. :)

    I like 'em a lot, even if they do have an unfortunate tendency to get stuck in my head. Of course, I do like novelty bands, really. I have a few songs on my iPod by people who are very clearly amateurs, but who are a lot of fun to listen to because they're very funny, or geeky, or, usually, both. But it's even better when a band is fun to listen to on a musical basis as well, and CC definitely qualifies. And in the end I think the line between novelty music and "real" music is extremely blurry. Hell, I think Weird Al has more musical talent than half the people he parodies.

    As for DS9, I think it's far and away the most sophisticated and well-written of the Trek series. It's a toss-up between it and TOS for the title of "favorite" for me, but TOS, honestly, is a contender mostly on the strength of its nostalgia value.

    (More on DS9 in the next comment...)

  6. Rag: Yeah, season 1, in many ways, almost seems to belong to a different show. They do plant the seeds of some of the more complex stuff to come, but they sure aren't growing much of anything yet. Everything feels clunky and uncertain, and the characters are mostly not quite defined yet. (Or, in the case of Dax, and in a slightly different way, Bashir, are almost unrecognizable as the people they would be later on.)

    Interesting that you peg "Duet" as the turning point. That sounds plausible to me, but it's been so long since I've seen it that I barely remember the details. I'll be interesting to see what I think as I go through my rewatch.

  7. You're just making me want to re-re-watch the series!

  8. I'm expecting it to be worth doing. :)

  9. June 8, but you don't need to shop for me. I'd settle for a homemade videotape collection of what you consider the "best" of DW's entire run. :) Um, although that might be kind of cruel, to tie you up for the next several months as you conduct an internal debate to determine which are the best.

    Incidentally, I am caught up to the end of the 20th century; I do have a DVD player, too.

    And we're still waiting for that blog post about the convention...

  10. Picking the best episodes of Who isn't actually all that hard, compared to many other things. The internal debate doesn't really start until you get past at least the top five. :) Actually compiling a collection like that is more challenging, though... Some of 'em I might not have, or might have in a format that's hard to copy... Maybe I'll see what I can do, though. because I really do like that idea.

    Oh, and I can send you copies of the specials, if you want them.

    Incidentally, I am caught up to the end of the 20th century; I do have a DVD player, too.

    Go, you! At this rate, in another couple of decades, you'll have an iPod. :)

    And we're still waiting for that blog post about the convention...

    I was way too tired afterward, and figured "it was awesome" actually summed it up pretty well. But I can see how that might be unsatisfying. What would you like to know? :)

  11. These will do for a start. (Everyone else, feel free to add to the list.)

    1) Which actor(s) did you have yourself photographed with or get the autograph of?
    2) Were the talks as interesting as their descriptions?
    3) How many fanboys/girls were walking around with big-ass scarves wrapped around their necks? (Bonus points if they were long enough to drag on the floor and everyone kept stepping on them.)

  12. All right, maybe I'll make a post answering those at some point. It'll make a good project for when I get bored. :)

    And, yes, do feel free to add to the list!

  13. And regarding Weird Al: I've heard far more of his songs than I have of the originals he parodies. (I'm afraid that might say something about me.)

    My word verification is "capedu", which is almost "caped dude", which fits because the good Cap'n C. does have a cape. :)

  14. Oh, yes, so have I. (Um, the Weird Al thing, that is, not the cape.)