Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, Wait, It's Past Time For This Thing.

Current clothes: A towel. I just got out of the shower. Any minute now, though, I'm going to get dressed and start doing something useful. Aaaaany minute...

Current mood: Still a bit meh and a bit out of it, but better than yesterday, anyway. Last night wasn't exactly a good night, but at least I got more sleep.

Current music: Random shuffle stuff again. I don't even remember what it served me up last, other than some novelty songs and still more Rush.

Current annoyance: Sleeping problems. Allergies. Aches and pains, especially in my feet. Being back up at a weight where I start to feel unhealthy. Yes, I'm still waiting on that robot body...

Current thing: I don't know. Trying to be a bit more social, maybe.

Current desktop picture: Stars over Easter Island. I might have to change it soon, though. That giant face is oddly creepy.

Current book: St Anthony's Fire by Mark Gatiss, another of the no-longer-very-new Doctor Who New Adventures. It's readable, but kind of boring.

Current song in head: Nothing at the moment, but for some obscure reason, I've had "She Moves On" by Paul Simon in my head off and on for over a week.

Current DVD in player: Nothing at the moment. The last DVD I watched was Monsters vs. Aliens. Which was kind of cute, and I heartily approve of the way the romance part of the plot was handled, but mostly it was pretty forgettable.

Current refreshment: Nothing. I'm kind of hungry, though. Possibly I should have had something more than one banana and half a pot of coffee for breakfast.

Current worry: I really need to get the brakes checked on my car. They've been making worrying noises from time to time.

Current thought: If I can't have my robot body, I really, really want that robot servant. It's the 21st century, damn it, and there are far fewer robots than I was promised.


  1. How about a picture of the Space Shuttle on the launchpad at night?