Monday, November 09, 2009

Musical Interludes

Thoughts I had while listening to randomly shuffled songs on my iPod this morning:

  • I have more songs about Elvis than I have songs by Elvis. I am not entirely sure what this means.

  • There are apparently a lot of songs on my iPod that I have absolutely no recollection of putting on there, and more than a few I would have been prepared to swear I'd never even heard of. This is one of the many things that makes random shuffle an entertaining experience.

  • My personal religious/philosophical viewpoint can be expressed with considerable precison via the medium of Rush lyrics. I feel as if I should embarrassed about this, but I'm not.


  1. * Funny enough all of these things have come up in the last 24 hours. Mike C was talking about Six String Samurai... which is elvis inspired

    * I actually won an ipod for the first time in my life.

    * I was listening to Rush when I saw this in my Reader. Its a Cold Fire, but Show Don't Tell when you live in the Subdivisions. Ok so I must be a complete Neurotica

  2. There are three dongs about Elvis that I reckon are better than any song that he ever sang himself: "Gracelands" by Paul Simon, "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn and "Black Velvet" sung vy Alannah Miles.

  3. Smooge: Roll the Bones, man. Roll the Bones. :)

    JH: "Dongs" is funnier. :) And it was actually "Black Velvet" that prompted both the first and second thoughts on this list.

  4. This is a long time after your post, but I just thought of it.

    Here's how to tell who really is the "king". I'll bet there are more songs about Elvis Presley than there are about Michael Jackson.

  5. Undoubtedly. But give it time, and I bet we'll see more of the latter.