Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Could Bring Me Some Fries, As Well. And Fluff Up My Pillow.

I ended up not going in to work today. (I suppose I could have forced myself to be semi-functional if I had to, but they didn't really need me for anything, anyway.) I did fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours this morning -- not very deeply asleep, mind you, and for a while afterward I felt even groggier than I did before, but I think it did me some good in the long term, because now I only feel slightly crappy. I also managed to get caught up on most of the stuff that had accumulated on my TiVo, so, hey, sick day accomplishment!

And now apparently my body has decided that what it really needs is protein, because I have a massive craving for a hamburger. Which, needless to say, I cannot obtain without leaving the house. Damn it, where is my robot servant, and why is it not fetching hamburgers for me?

Sigh. Well, I suppose some fresh air might actually do me good...


  1. So where in Socorro did you go for your craving? I must say that I rarely get an urge for a hamburger.. a steak yes.. maybe a large roast... mouth drooling must go now.

  2. I just went down the street and got something from Lotaburger. Oddly enough, working there in college didn't give me a permanent aversion to the food.

  3. Oddly enough, eating there (ahem, not at your establishment, naturally, where the food was superbly prepared by a charming and brilliant employee) did give me a permanent aversion to the food.

    My word verification is "whoggi". I'm not sure if that means something or not.