Monday, March 23, 2009

"It's Like Breaking The Ninth Wall."

I recently picked up Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on DVD, and, as I'd sort of expected, I do think the ending works better when you see the whole thing as a unit, rather than watching it an act a day on the internet. What I didn't expect, though, was the fully produced musical commentary track, which was easily the most hilarious damned thing I've encountered in weeks (and that's counting the actual show on the DVD). Seriously, if they put out a soundtrack for the commentary, I'll buy it.

There's just something really, really wrong about that, I know. And yet it's so right!

(I'm also amused, by the way, that when you search for "Dr. Horrible" on Amazon, as I did to find the link above, the last thing that comes up on the list is this.)


  1. I just assumed everybody was aware of the musical commentary. It is easily one of the best bonus features I've ever seen. Er...heard.

    The League of Evil audition tapes are pretty great too.

  2. I was vaguely aware that there was a feature labeled "musical commentary." I just didn't realize it was a think of such surpassing awesomeness. :)