Thursday, March 05, 2009

Anybody Want A Slightly Used Cat?

You know what's really fun? When a 25-pound cat suddenly decides to jump up onto a TV tray upon which is resting, among other things, a very full mug of very hot tea.

I wouldn't necessarily have thought tea droplets could fly that far.


  1. How far did the cat fly? And did you fly off the handle? I really hope no one was hurt.

  2. My tea was hurt! And the cat's dignity. And possibly my carpet, although there's enough stains in that thing already that a few more probably won't make much of a difference.

    Fortunately, most of it managed to miss my lap, which was kind of surprising considering that I was sitting right there.

    And by the time I got done yelling at him, he'd vanished. Smart cat. :/

  3. And he weighs less than a hundred pounds. (Just be sure to place a warning sticker on him to alert his new owner to lift with his/her legs.)

  4. Hey Captain< your meaner than I am.