Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Annoying Kind Of Time Travel

You know what's a really great time to have to arbitrarily put your clocks forward? Right smack dab between two 12-hour shifts, both of which start at 7:45 AM. Thanks a lot, congress!

Didn't I read somewhere that Obama was in favor of abolishing Daylight Savings Time? Why hasn't he done something about that yet? I demand action! Forget fixing the economy, I want my goddam hour back!

(OK. I feel better now. Really.)


  1. Yes, very recently we had a debate on this very subject after Obama said he would have people look into getting rid of it or something :)

    Unfortunately, there's that economy thing getting in the damn way.

  2. I spend more money when I'm well rested. I think our economic strategy should take that factor into account. :)

  3. The sun comes up here at almost 8am. I dont like getting up in the dark.

  4. Yeah, it was pitch-black when I got up today, too. This does not make me happy.