Friday, November 21, 2008

Seeing Circadian Sense

Whoo-hoo! I knew there was a reason why I voted for this guy!


  1. Well Standard time is the evil one!!! That's where it gets dark earlier. So lets go on Daylight Savings Time and never get off of it?

    But I agree the time change thing is complete BS

  2. I would be completely in favor of that. But I'd still infinitely prefer just staying on standard time to switching, if those are the choices.

  3. Those of us who wake up early get aggravated when our workday, which starts at dawn, suddenly get plunged into darkness. Then, we can't fall asleep because it's still light outside. Where's a Time Lord when you need one?

  4. It sucks being a night owl at this time of year, too. You miss out on the sunlight that got moved to the end of your sleep cycle for the convenience of the morning people, and then get plunged into darkness in the middle of your day.

    Besides, night feels much less like "my time" when it comes at 5 PM and all the day people are still around. ;)

    But it'd be less annoying, at least, if it didn't happen so abruptly.