Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Couch Potato With Mucus Sauce

So, while I've spent the last three days lying around on the sofa trying to fight off this stupid cold (and failing miserably), I've at least gotten a lot of DVDs and stuff watched. Which, admittedly, is sort of what I'd intended to do with my time off this week, anyway, but somehow it's less fun when you're doing it mostly because you don't have the energy to do anything else.

The final tally:

Watched off the TiVo: Heroes, House, The Mentalist, and last night's episodes of The Daily Show and Colbert.

Procured by undisclosed means: An episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Watched on DVD: Some classic Who, four episodes of Stargate SG-1, and Bender's Game (the latest Futurama movie).

I actually found that last kind of disappointing, by the way. Some very funny moments, yes, but overall it left me kind of "meh." Definitely not Futurama at its best -- and I say that as someone who loves geeky gamer humor and has seen Lord of the Rings something like five times. Eh, maybe if I'd been in a more receptive mood for comedy...

What's kind of sad is that, even after all that, I'm still backed up on DVDs, and that's without counting my completely full Netflix queue. How is a person supposed to keep up with pop culture these days?! There's too damned much of it!

Anyway. That's enough sofa-lying for me. I'm still not feeling great, but I'm definitely going in to work in the morning. I'm starting to get desperate to feel like I've accomplished something this week that doesn't involve a box of kleenex or a remote control.

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