Sunday, June 22, 2008

Words, Words, Words

This Wordle toy is way too much fun to waste your time play with. You feed it a chunk of text, and it gives you back a pretty "word cloud" graphic illustrating word-use frequency.

I fed it the June '08 page of my blog, just to see what it would do. Then I removed the dates and tags and bylines, because otherwise they completely dominated the graphic. and tried it again. Here 'tis:

(Click to go to the full-sized version. You can't see much on the thumbnail.)

What that tells you, other than that I've been talking about my vacation a lot, I don't know. But it entertained me. So I did June '07 for comparison:

And then June '06:

And then I realized there were other things I should be doing with my life and stopped.

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