Sunday, June 22, 2008

And Those Kids Need To Get Off My Lawn, Too!

Ah, we've hit that time of year... The noisy time of year, that is, when people spend two freakin' weeks celebrating what's supposed to be a one-day holiday with a continuous series of loud shrieks, sizzles and bangs. Well, at least this year it's not happening over one of those weeks when I have to be in bed early...


  1. And can someone explain to me why people are allowed to set off fireworks in the desert, while they're prohibited in New Jersey, where it rains 40" per year?

  2. What bugs me is that they don't use fireworks, just noisemakers. Maybe it's the expense or relative scarcity, maybe it's the safety issues or concern about getting in trouble with the police. But isn't the real point of setting them off the pretty lights? I don't understand the appeal of a continuous hour of nothing but loud noise (if you can't even, for instance, mosh to it).

  3. Fred: As Captain C says, here they use fireworks. Constantly. And for the most part, legally, despite the fact that we live in what is essentially a giant tinderbox.

    And in very-slightly-more-rural places than here, some of them are stupid enough to decide that guns are really cool noisemakers, too.

    Ah, New Mexico...