Saturday, June 07, 2008

OK, Yesterday Was Friday, Right?

Then this must be your regularly scheduled Doctor Who discussion post, for last night's US-aired episode, "The Doctor's Daughter." And if that's not a title guaranteed to provoke some discussion, I don't know what is.

Usual spoiler policies apply, of course.


  1. I dunno, I think I was disappointed that she wasn't actually the Doctor's daughter -- except maybe sort of genetically -- but I liked, at least, that he went into a little more depth than "I was a dad once."

    The ending was maybe a little silly, especially if we never see her again. But I did like the running.

  2. Well, she was genetically his daughter. More than "sort of" even. Heck, more than offspring usually are. :) But I know what you mean. Actually, though, after spending a week engaging in ever-more-complicated fannish speculation about where the heck this daughter might have come from and what it might mean, the fact that her existence was pretty much just a random occurrence in the middle of an ordinary adventure was something of an amusing surprise.

    And he really didn't go into much more depth than "I was a dad once" did, but I very much liked that scene, regardless. I like the sense that the Doctor has a history, even as I also like the fact that we never really do get to know details about it.

    I understand that originally the script called for her to stay dead. Cheesy as surprise resurrections generally are, though, I am very glad they didn't go that route. I think the last of the Time Lords dying permanently in his arms again would probably have been more angst than even I could deal with. :) And I very much like the idea of her out running around in the universe. I hope we do see her again. I'm very optimistic about it, actually. Not least because apparently it was Stephen Moffat who insisted they had to leave her alive...

  3. I was also a little disappointed about being misled.(I guess i`m a little gullible anymore). The death scene was very good. Might we see a, and I hate to use the word *spinoff* out of her wandering the universe. I do think We will see her later, at any rate. Donna`s passion for life as a fresh take on science fiction in MHO.

  4. She does seem to be spinoff material, but I think we've got enough of those going already. I have heard speculation that she might make a handy spare character for when the Doctor finally runs out of regenerations, though. ;) Anyway, yeah, one way or another I'm fully expecting to see her again. I think it would be cool to have her hang around for a while as a companion, even.

    And Donna is wonderful. I love Donna.

  5. I like the sense that the Doctor has a history, even as I also like the fact that we never really do get to know details about it. and Donna is wonderful. I love Donna.
    I've said this before: Donna is exactly what we newbies need right now. We don't have the benefit that you veteran Whovians do about knowing everything the Doctor has allowed us to know about him, so Donna keeps asking the same questions we have, wondering who (ahem) he is. And, as much as he didn't say, it does seem as if we know more about him.

    I also agree that Jenny would be better as a recurring character, not a spinoff. I like Sarah Jane Adventures, and I would like to see Torchwood (even with the problems discussed elsewhere in this blog), but I don't want yet another spinoff to keep track of. Jenny's youthful energy was refreshing, but we need a dose of Cap'n Jack's humor now (especially since we've had several episodes in a row involving killing).

    What I really want to know is why they replicated the Doctor but not Donna or Martha. After all, they had clean hands, too. :)

  6. Well, that's always been one of the main roles of the companion, really: to ask the questions that the viewers want to ask.

    There is yet another spinoff in the works, you know: a cartoon series featuring K-9. I have no idea how that's going to be, though.

    I've heard rumors that we may be seeing a bit of Jack soonish.

    And I think it's pretty clear that the reason Donna and Martha didn't get their hands shoved into the gene machine is simply because there wasn't time: they were interrupted before they could get that far.

    (By the way, I did get your e-mails. I'll get around to replying eventually. I'm a little bit backed up with various things this week.)