Friday, May 02, 2008

Since It's Friday...

Here's your Doctor Who discussion post for the episode airing tonight in the US: "The Fires of Pompeii." The usual spoiler policy remains in effect!


  1. Pimpeii`ns shopped at T J Maxximus, huh.

    I didnt care for the first 45 minutes, but I did like the ending. Both the Doctor and Donna showed a great deal of emotion. We can add Lava Centurians to our list of strange bad guys. Well actually, the Abidose werent bad.

  2. Me, I thought the bulk of the episode was great in silly, fun Classic Who tradition, and that the ending was great in ways utterly typical of the new series, so that I basically really loved it all the way through.

    (And the phrase "Lava Centurions" is going to amuse me for quite a long while now, I think. :))

  3. I liked it. I don't think there's been an episode that's truly dazzled me yet -- no "Girl in the Fireplace," "Family of Blood," or "Blink" -- but it's early yet.

  4. I certainly agree that there hasn't been anything yet this season that's dazzling in the way those episodes were, but so far on the whole I've found it solidly entertaining. And I'll happily take that. :)

  5. Donna is really getting me to like her. Even though she is ready to go off and experience new adventures (unlike me), she is very much like me in that she is trying to fit these unusual beings or things or circumstances she encounters into the paradigms that she knows and understands. The discussion between her and the Doctor about how many lives make a difference to whether he takes action or not was (despite its blatant Sodom & Gomorrah parallel) excellent. Donna learned that the Doctor isn't acting capriciously in deciding whether to involve himself or not, and the Doctor learned that he occasionally has to remind others that they can't always accept the "because that's what being a Time Lord is all about" excuse.

    As much as I liked Rose for helping us newbies get into the series, Donna better represents us now, as we try to understand and distinguish the minor details that we now focus on.

  6. I am utterly loving Donna, more with each passing episode. And, although she is more courageous and more what the psychologists call "open to experience" than I am, I, too, can identify with her quite strongly. There's a scene she has in a couple of episodes where I was just vividly imagining myself in her place and feeling butterflies in my stomach. I'm not sure I've ever had that kind of emotional identification with a companion before. (And this despite the fact that her personality is, of course, completely different from mine.)

    And I do think that she's exactly what this version of the Doctor needs.