Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oods and Ends

Because I just realized I didn't remember to do it last night: here's your regularly scheduled discussion post for the most recent episode of Doctor Who to air in the US: "Planet of the Ood."

As always, no spoilers past this point, please.


  1. I genuinely liked the episode. (Even if there hasn't yet been a hands-down remarkable episode, I don't think there's been a single bad one.) But there's a little part of me (the Britcom-watching part) that kept thinking, "Man, Everton from Chef and Captain Darling from Blackadder turned into real jerks."

  2. Heh. You know, I spent the entire time thinking that that baddie was awfully familiar-looking, but not quite being able to place him... Then when I saw someone off-handedly mention Captain Darling while discussing the episode, I about kicked myself for not having recognized him. Even if he does look older.

    Of course, I'd say it's arguable that Kevin Darling already was a jerk. But not that big of one, I'll admit. :) Chef I'm not familiar with at all.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, too. It's got that familiar Doctor Who think going on, where the more you think about certain elements of it, the less sense they make, but ultimately the story is so entertaining that you don't care. Or at least, I didn't.

  3. Ok I probably shouldn't be reading this thread before actually watching the episode. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and went to bed early. I'm off to watch it now!
    However, "Your Pop" already asked me if I watched and seemed to really enjoy the storyline. I'm sure he'll be along to comment. And everybody wish him a happy 62nd birthday. Ooopss probably shouldn't have given his age :) Betty's pun of Oods and Ends is gift enough :)

  4. Yes, happy birthday, Dad! I would have called, but I've been at work all day...

    And you guys are talking about Doctor Who on the phone now? That's so adorable. :) Well, fortunately there aren't really any spoilers here yet.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thanks for the bday salutations. I did thoroly enjoy watching "Anglerfish Men". I liked this episode the best so far.

    Betty, I enjoyed your card immensley.

    Kathy, Hope you are feeling better this evening

    I noticed a book with the cover "UNIT" on it while watching Sarah Jane. Great product placement.

  6. Good storyline and message in this episode
    Sorry I'd like to get into a deep discussion regarding the social commentary but I can't round up the energy :)

  7. Dad: Glad you got the card!

    There's a lot of UNIT-related stuff visible in Sarah Jane's house, including some pictures tacked to the wall in her attic. It's a lovely continuity touch.

    Kathy: Aww, hope the energy levels recharge for ya.

    I did like the fact that the Doctor goes back and gets involved with the Ood Liberation Front, because Donna's right, it really wasn't much like him to simply accept that situation the first time.

  8. "I can't tell what's right and wrong any more," has to be the absolute best line of the season.

  9. It is a great line, isn't it? Of course, the season is still young...