Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Return Of The Random Links

Apologies for the lack of updates, the (temporary) stalling out of the Australia travelogue, etc. Remember how I mentioned a little while ago that I'd started playing The Sims 2? Um, yeah. Turns out it's every bit as addicting as the first game, and it has completely eaten my life. I'm attempting recovery, honestly. I just can't quite seem to manage cold turkey.

Anyway, have some random links, some of which have been sitting around since I got back from Australia.

Holy Frell: BOOM! to publish Farscape comic: Kind of old news by now, but perhaps there's still somebody out there who's interested and hasn't seen this. New Farscape comic! Coming soon!

Screengrab Movie Vacations #1: The Very Large Array: An article touting the VLA as a cool vacation stop. Which it is. And this is a pretty good article, except that when the writer says, "I know what you’re thinking" in the last paragraph, what I'm actually thinking is, "Dude, they're not looking for aliens." Anyway, yes, come and visit the VLA! See what your tax dolors buy and why you should support your tax dollars buying it! Spend money in the gift shop!

Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed: Amusing parody of the creationist propaganda film Expelled. Demand equal time for Stork Theory!

An Engineer's Guide to Cats: I've seen this linked to all over the place, but I don't care, I'm linking to it again. Because it's engineers and cats!

Friend's Best Man: A guy investigates pet psychics by asking them about his imaginary dog. Wackiness ensues.

Knitwit BBC Goes After Dr Who Fans: I'd originally planned to link to a page featuring some incredibly cool and utterly adorable Doctor Who-themed knitting patterns, but instead here's an article about how the BBC intimidated the knitter into taking them down. Because Doctor Who fans with knitting needles are a threat that must be stopped, clearly.

Which Candidate Makes the Best Sidekick for Which Dr. Who?: Speaking of Doctor Who... (Yeah, yeah, I know.) I thought the funniest thing here, actually, was the descriptions of the various Doctors, but I really must protest. Paul McGann was not awful. You can argue that the movie he was in was awful, but McGann rocked. I will brook no argument on this point.

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  1. Maybe the cows mentioned in the VLA article are surly because they're the non-bouncy variety.