Friday, August 24, 2007

Clearly It Is Some Sort Of Evil Dalek Plot.

I do not freakin' believe this! I told someone I'd get them a VHS copy of tonight's Doctor Who episode, but first when I tried to transfer it from a computer file on disc, my extra-fancy plays-everything DVD player started glitching badly on the soundtrack syncing, to the point where it was pretty much unwatchable. "No problem," says I. "I'll just record it for you when it comes on!" Yeah. Take a wild, wild guess which one single cable channel appears to be out right now. Why does the universe conspire against me? Whhhhhhy?

Well, maybe it'll be back by the time tonight's repeat comes on. Maybe.

(Geosomin, if you're reading this, don't panic. I'll get it to ya one way or another, I promise. I'll send you an e-mail and let you know whether I ended up getting it tonight or not.)


  1. Smile, Betty. The tapes you sent me do work. :) (It's just my own stupidity that caused me to miss this week's episode.)

  2. You haven't tried to watch the third one, yet. :)

    And, aargh, if my cable hadn't flaked out on me, I'd just say, "No problem, I'll make another copy and send it to you, too." Sigh. Well, I should have a replacement VCR in the next week or two, and I can try again then.

    I've never had this much trouble supplying shows to people before.

  3. HI Betty,
    Don't panic - the CD will be fine I'm I said - I have the worst luck in all humanity for things as this, so it was kind of expected :)
    And I can sit through the very choppy viewing on CBC if I must and all fails. Not to worry. Just the CD will be A OK.
    I'm grateful for all the help. :)