Thursday, August 19, 2004

Search Request Thursday

We've got a relatively small crop this time out, 'cause I kept forgetting to check the referrer logs. It's just been that kind of a week. But here you go, anyway:

  • Maximum Amanda Beard: Poor Amanda. Maybe electrolysis would help?

  • stark crazy cry banik: Yes, Stark is indeed a crazy Banik, and he often cries. Poor guy.

  • farscape favorite episode rankings: I wouldn't even attempt to rank them. I have enough trouble coming up with top ten or bottom ten lists, without attempting to put everything in some kind of actual order. (But, OK, if you force me to offer an opinion, I'd probably put "Into the Lion's Den" at #1, and "Twice Shy" at #88. Probably.)

  • pic troubleshoot "el cheapo": Well, it seems to me that buying the "el cheapo" version of whatever it is is probably the main source of your trouble.

  • Morticia Adams nicknames from Gomez: You know, I can't think of a single one. I guess I get no TV Trivia Points. Except I do know their last name was spelled with two "d"s. That's gotta be worth something.

  • fanfiction mash ticklish margaret: Is Margaret ticklish? Is there canonical evidence for that?

  • Definition of Conspicuous: "1 : obvious to the eye or mind; 2 : attracting attention : STRIKING; 3 : marked by a noticeable violation of good taste."

  • download free sexy female chatbots for your computer: Aww, I'm sure your computer will appreciate you setting it up like that.

  • Red Dwarf Futurama Fry Lister frozen: Y'know, I never thought about it before, but being frozen is certainly something Fry and Lister have in common. And not exactly the only thing, either...

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