Thursday, August 12, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Because when I don't do it, people pout.

  • klingons legends gods "too much trouble": The Klingons have the coolest legends. They really do.

  • sikozu dislike: I disliked her a lot at first, too, but she grew on me.

  • "childhood's end" stargate photo: Hmm. Apparently Stargate is stealing titles from Arthur C. Clarke now.

  • microbe groovy baby wav: Why do I now have the mental image of a paramecium in a disco outfit?

  • where can i find video clips of women sneezing: Not here.

  • FREE PICTURES OF GRANNYS IN SEXY PANTIES: I thought grannies had to wear those great big granny knickers. Isn't that, like, a rule or something?

  • pictures of scott bakula's bare chest: Ooh, can Scott Bakula wear the sexy panties? 'Cause that would be entertaining. In a mildly disturbing, yet still vaguely sexy way.

  • anal sex clips last2weeks: What, there's a weekly archive?

  • night surf adult dvd bondage toy store: Wait, so is it the DVDs that are in bondage, or...?

  • ice cream "personality test" printable: Personally, I'm just as happy if my ice cream doesn't display any personality whatsoever.

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs pussy nude: Um, I don't think he had one.

  • spirograph draw sports car template: Oh, I'll never believe you can draw that with a spirograph!

  • postcard of passenger cruiseline: So you can send postcards to all your friends and make them think you were on a cruise, when actually you were in jail or something?

  • scott bakula armpits: Hmm. Slightly less appealing than his bare chest, I'm afraid.

  • garak bashir children slash: Children? No, I don't want to think about it.

  • "Bill and Betty" yeti: Yes, I think those would be excellent names for yeti.

  • martianwear: What all the best-dressed Martians are wearing this year!

  • bunions "my feet" "august 2004": Yes, it is August, 2004, and I do have bunions on my feet.

  • (scientfic)+(interesting)+(download)+(free)+(book): Presumably it's a book with lots of equations in it.

  • count dracula chocula monte cristo: Three! Three famous Counts! Ahahahahaha!

  • "TV Guide" "past issues" "May 23, 2004": For all I know, I might have that one lying around somewhere. I wonder if there was anything interesting in it?

  • porn nstars r us: Hmm, must be a new franchise...

  • simak "way station" synopsis OR summary spoiler: Oh, come on. It's a short book, and it's good. Just go and read the damned thing already.

  • Neil Gaiman's sandman lemon fanfic: You know, I've heard that term before, but I honestly have no idea where it comes from. Or which Sandman characers you'd apply it to, for that matter.

  • tardis dimension measurements diagram: Are those the inside or the outside measurements?
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