Thursday, July 06, 2017

OK, I'm Done Wallowing.

After all the whining I've been doing lately, I figured I should pop in to say I'm feeling much better now. Not that lots of things aren't still irritating, because they are. But I'm approaching them with more equanimity. The Doctor Who season finale really did cheer me up immensely, because it was amazing. Also, this may be 100% the power of suggestion, but I think it's possible that tooth infection just had me feeling a very subtle, low-level kind of crappy for a long time, a kind of not-feeling-top-notch feeling I tend to just blame on my sleep schedule. But whether it's pure placebo effect or something else, after a week's worth of antibiotics, I actually feel a much greater sense of well-being. Even if I am still tired.

And hopefully someone will be here to fix my swamp cooler soon. Not living in a sweltering house will surely also help improve my mood.

Oh, and I also just saw what I think is the little cat that was locked in my shed! I'm not entirely positive it was the same animal, but I think it was. So it's probably still alive. Yay!


  1. That really was a terrific episode of Doctor Who, wasn't it?

    1. It really was. It just worked so well on every possible level.

      I've had slightly mixed feelings about this season as a whole, because I've loved the character stuff immensely, but I've thought most of the plots were a bit weak. But I feel like that last two-parter may have utterly redeemed the entire season, story-wise. It was just that good.

    2. Yeah, I had quibbles along the way this season, too. But I thought both Pearl Mackie and Michelle Gomez turned in great performances in the finale, and I don't think I've seen Cipaldi more in command of the character. It was so nice to see the show talk about the kindness of the Doctor.

    3. I've adored Gomez's performance since she first appeared on the show, and Capaldi just goes from strength to strength, but I was unexpectedly impressed by how darned good Pearl Mackie has been all season. And, yeah, all of them brought their absolute A-game for this one. I also thought that... well, I'll avoid spoilers and just say that I also appreciated the other major character in the ep, who gave a slightly more restrained performance than might have been expected, which I approve of.

      And I always love to see the show hit that particular kind of emotional note, and it was written so very well in this one. Plus, man, nobody can deliver lines like that like Capaldi. I am already missing him like crazy.