Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Currentlies

A bit late in the month for this, but the time really has been slipping by me lately. Anyway:

Current clothes: Gray shorts, a t-shirt that says "Please Go Away, I'm Reading," white socks.

Current mood: Aargh. Today is supposed to be a day to decompress, do some reading and catch up on some housework, between finishing a 56-hour work week and making yet another trip up to Albuquerque for yet another appointment. And yet, my brain does not seem to want to let me relax and enjoy it. Instead, it seems to want to get irritated over every single stupid little thing, and if it can't find something to be irritated about, it makes something up. Chill out, brain! Yeesh.

Current music: David Bowie's Blackstar, which I just got for my birthday.

Current annoyance: Seriously, everything and nothing. At this point, my own annoyance is annoying me. I hope I will be able to get my brain to snap out of it soon.

Current thing: Just muddling along, really. Which is much better than not muddling along, so, hey.

Current desktop picture: Stil Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor. I want to keep him for ever and ever and ever.

Current book: Mastodonia by Clifford Simak, a pleasant-enough SF novel from the 1970s.

Current song in head: Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl," courtesy of this week's episode of Preacher.

Current refreshment: Nothing just this moment, but I'm going to go have some leftover pizza for lunch soon.

Current DVD in player: Most recently, disk 2 of season 3 of Sons of Anarchy. I'm making my way through this series pretty quickly.

Current happy thing: Well, not having to work today is a good thing! And I've gotten some cards and gifts for my upcoming birthday, which is nice (and very sweet coming from some folks who really didn't need to get me anything at all).

Current thought: You've got nothing to be pissy about, brain! Eat some pizza, watch some good TV, go accomplish a few useful things, and get over yourself.


  1. Happy birthday! Hopefully it's not being too spoilt by various annoyances.

    1. Thanks! Having to go back up to Albuquerque for another eye doctor appointment is annoying, but I figure while I'm there I'll take myself out to lunch and maybe a birthday bookstore shopping trip.

    2. That sounds like a good way to turn a negative into a positive.

    3. I thought so! Although it didn't much help my attempt to get my To-Read shelves under control. :)