Sunday, November 27, 2016

Feel Free To Insert Your Own The Exorcist Projectile Vomiting Reference Here.

Annnnd, so, as if to punish me for daring to try to find things to be thankful for in this year of constant, worldwide crap, I came down with an industrial-strength case of post-Thanksgiving food poisoning last night. Although I'm honestly not sure whether it was me uncharacteristically cutting a food safety corner or two when cooking my meal, or something to do with the tacos I ate for lunch yesterday. (I did think a couple of bites of those tasted off.) Apparently incubation times vary.

Anyway. I'll spare you the details, if only because recounting them is likely to make me want to hurl all over again. I'll just say that it was UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL. At least the vomiting part only lasted a few hours, though. Long, awful hours, but still. I'm still feeling kind of shaky and sick now, though. But at this rate, hopefully I'll be up and around and eating some kind of solid food by tomorrow. Wish me luck.