Friday, April 22, 2016

RIP, Grunk. Or Not.

My half-orc barbarian only lasted a few weeks, after all. She went down last night, fighting an annoyingly well-armed vampire. And then, just to add oddly hilarious insult to injury, the creepy sorcerer in the party re-animated her as a zombie, so her corpse is still following us around.

I really need to finally bother learning how the magic system works in this game, so I can be the one standing in the back throwing fireballs.


  1. Oooh see if you can get Grunk to be a Wight. In 3.5 the wight could be a player character with some limitations. If it is 4th or 5th edition.. I have no idea.

    1. It's Pathfinder, for whatever that's worth.

      And I no longer have control of her fate. She belongs to the necromancer dude now. Who, since I'm going to have to miss the next two sessions because of work, will probably have gotten her re-killed by the time I get back.

      Ah, well, that's OK. I always have an expendable rogue as backup. :)