Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some Book Stuff

Because I need to link to random bookish stuff here every once in a while: 23 Words For Book Lovers That Really Should Exist. Which is an awkwardly phrased title, as what they really mean is "23 words that really should exist for book lovers." But they are right. I personally am in desperate need of words for most of these things.

Also, I must mention, the new danger in my life. Because... Cheap used books! So many cheap used books! With free shipping!!!! I tried to resist clicking the link to it. But I failed. And now I am doomed. Doooooomed.


  1. 1) Obviously, book lovers need not be proficient in writing.
    2) The cheap books link doesn't work for me. Bless you for booby-trapping it so that we can't get sucked in as you had!

    1. 2) Whoops, you're right; the link was wrong. Clearly my subconscious was, indeed, trying to protect you! I've fixed it now, though, so be careful. :)