Monday, January 26, 2015

Eye Eye Eye!

I finally have my new glasses, with the new progressive lenses. And they're not quite as freaky and disturbing as I kept worrying they would be, so that's good. Although it might be more accurate to say that they're freaky and disturbing in ways that are less constant and a bit more subtle than I was expecting. Looking at a computer screen is mostly OK. Staring straight ahead into the far or middle distance is great. Turning my head or moving my eyes too quickly can be quite unpleasant, though. And looking at my feet or the ground in front of me tends to yield unsatisfactory results.

Still. Tilting my head up and down to change things back and forth from blurry to focused is almost kind of entertaining to do, and I can see how it could become second nature rather than an interesting novelty, given a little time. And while I was coming back from the eye doctor's I even pulled out a book and tried reading while walking down the street. Turned out to be totally doable, despite some slight weirdness if the book jiggles around too much. Which is a relief; that was something I was expecting to have problems with.

Reading while lying on the sofa, which I only had the chance to try very briefly, did seem kinda tricky, just as the internet had warned me it would be. Which is not a great, as lying on the sofa and reading is basically my best thing. But it doesn't seem impossible to do in a comfortable way, just like it needs a little adaptation.

In the meantime, though... Well, my eyes feel kind of weird. And I wish they didn't. Stupid eyes.

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